Carter Newell Lawyers

Carter Newell Lawyers is an award-winning specialist law firm providing legal advice to Australian and international corporate clients since 1989. The works consisted of 3 level of refurbishment.

Level 13 is home to the main reception area which was recreated along the boardrooms behind. There were additional offices added on this level also with new workstations. Both level 13 and 14 saw the complete removal and replacement of all ceiling tiles and flooring. Wall and door were re-painted.

Carter Newell’s expansion onto level 15 saw half the level being fitted out with new offices and kitchen facilities.

The challenge

Acuity were engaged by Comuniti to take over the project to commence and drive the construction process. The main driver for Carter Newell was to have new meeting/boardrooms behind their main entry that would provide superior sound dampened rooms to be used for mediation sessions.

There were several issues with the existing mechanical system being installed incorrectly and the documentation not reflecting what was constructed.

Our solution

Working closely with the client and the builder to redesign the area to ensure we could deliver what was originally designed whilst overcoming the limitations of the base building mechanical ductwork and services.




215 Adelaide St – Level 13-15


Project Manager


2,175 sqm


September 2022

Architect/Interior designer




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