Forza Capital

Forza Capital has secured a $30 million loan from the federal government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation to acquire and refurbish a 25-year-old Brisbane office building and cut its carbon emissions by as much as 55 per cent.

The project required the refurbishment and upgrade of the 7683 square-metre, B-grade building to achieve a 5.5-star rating under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System – NABERS. One of the highest environmental ratings possible for a commercial building and is achieved by only 6 per cent of all commercial building around Australia.

Upon purchasing the asset Forza engaged Acuity to manage the design and construction of this project in a full occupied building.

The challenge

The largest challenge on this project was coming up with a design solution which achieved the lofty environmental goals whilst considering the implementation into an occupied building.

200 Creek Street presents an outstanding opportunity to show how existing commercial properties assets can be refurbished and repositioned to be highly performing, sustainable assets.

Our solution

Acuity engaged Mettle Projects for early contractor advisory services during the design phase. The team worked together to come up a with a staged design and construction program which satisfied the project objectives without compromising the tenants amenity.


Forza Capital


200 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD


Project Manager


7,683 sqm


May 2023

Architect/Interior designer



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