Technical due diligence

There’s no more important stage in commercial property investment than conducting a thorough due diligence.

Due diligence is the investigation of a commercial property’s physical standing and its documentation.

It is critical because sometimes it is the small, precise, and seemingly trivial details that cause the biggest upsets for commercial property investors

At Acuity, we carefully analyse and evaluate existing and potential property assets for our clients and provide guidance on their long-term suitability to align with organisational capital and operational expenditure objectives.

We compile reports which outline the outcomes of our due diligence assessment and provide succinct recommendations for our clients regarding their asset plans.

As part of our diligence approach, we carefully consider:

  • the state of the property itself
  • building and structural reports
  • the “bricks and mortar” to determine whether any physical defects have impacted the property.

We assist our clients by forming teams of experts to assist in the due diligence process to assess the technically complex factors that will inform an asset purchase or upgrade.

In addition, we take the time to:

  • Understand a site’s current zoning and use
  • Review lease agreements and tenancy schedules
  • Capital improvement plans
  • Assess insurance obligations
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