Acuity was borne of a desire to do better and be better, in an industry that sometimes fails to put its best foot forward

Our goal is to change that.

Our vision

To inspire a new standard of excellence across the project management industry, by consistently choosing courage over comfort.

Our mission

To deliver project management experiences so remarkable that our clients forget what ordinary looks like.

Our values

Our values have been curated to reflect the real world experience you can expect when dealing with any and all of our team, and we’re incredibly proud to know that we live by these standards, day in and day out.

We set the standard

We guarantee world class outcomes, because if we can’t – well, we simply won’t take on the work. It comes down to our integrity. We believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards, not the easiest ones.

We don't do ordinary

If the ‘wow factor’ isn’t there then our job is only half done. Because there’s no world in which we’d ever want our clients to experience anything but the very best.

We make it masterful

We take pride in the fact that our work is backed by decades of experience and rooted deeply in industry best practice. That’s why we’ve made mastery the bedrock of our services.

We go hard, then we go home

When we’re on the clock you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best we’ve got to give. And in order to bring our A-game, we know that prioritising wellbeing, flexibility and balance is an absolute must.

We only work with legends

We want to be inspired, challenged, pushed and motivated from the inside out. Which is why we’ve scoured the country for the most impressive people in the project management industry. And they don’t do ordinary.