Acuity has always strived to be more than a ‘typical’ project management company.

This vision to constantly push boundaries and raise the level our industry operates at runs through every project we take on.

But it also extends deep into the core philosophy behind our team and is the reason it’s so important to us that as we grow our company, we continue to grow an incredible team culture along with it.

We also know that actions speak louder than words when it comes to culture.

This is why it was extremely important to the Acuity Directors to introduce an annual conference where we had the opportunity to celebrate our people, our achievements, our hard work and also make great memories along the way. 

It was with much anticipation that on 15 September 2022 the team set off for the Inaugural Acuity ‘Legends Conference’ in the Hunter Valley.

With one of our core values being ‘we only work with legends’ it seemed only fitting that it get such a title!

The 3 day trip to the Hunter Valley was remarkable for a lot of reasons, but not least because it marked the first opportunity the company has had (thanks COVID!) to bring both our QLD and NSW teams together in one place. 

Every person was given an ‘Acuity Legends’ tour shirt as one of the main items included in the special welcome pack waiting for everyone in their resort rooms, with the request to put this on in preparation for our first event – a wine tour, of course!

We had a wonderful afternoon trying different types of wines which also brought some incredible banter and education about each team member’s preferred style of grape (or gin).

We also had a sneaky opportunity for a tour of a barrel room and wine making equipment – there is always one who can’t resist taking over the machinery!

The next morning most of the team took advantage of the beautiful surroundings and sunny day for a walk, buffet breakfast or a well deserved sleep-in followed by much loved in-person strategy and project meetings between our teams.

We then had the main presentation where we reflected and celebrated how far Acuity has come as a company from starting out with 2 staff members and 2 clients to now having 15 staff and over 50 wonderful clients – an incredible achievement and one we are very proud of.

Our final afternoon culminated in a special, ‘glammed-up’ long table lunch where we celebrated in style at Muse Kitchen with delicious food and divine cocktails and wine.

This had us well prepared for the intense (what do you expect with a group of competitive project managers!) but hilarious games evening where we pitted team against team.

Throw in a game of Jenga for the various construction types present, and it’s safe to say a fabulous night was had by all!

What a joy and privilege it was to make the time and effort to bring our people together.

Bring on 2023’s conference – it will be hard to top this year, but we will give it our best shot.