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Tom Hall

Director - Sydney

Since entering the property industry in 2005, Tom has had the opportunity to work with multinational organisations on complex projects across Australia. With experience in the delivery of major integrated developments, critical environment facilities (Data Centres & Trading environments), corporate office accommodation, building recoveries, simultaneous multi-site roll out projects, health & medical facilities, childcare centres, civil subdivision projects along with restaurants & bars he is placed in an ideal position to manage and co-ordinate projects from inception to completion,

Prior to joining Acuity, Tom was employed by CBRE Project Management, where he led a major projects programme (circa $500m+) for a large financial institution delivering complex integrated developments, workplace, insurance & critical infrastructure projects. As a Director he was responsible for each project at the strategic level where his primary responsibility was for achieving the success, while also complying with the associated financial and administrative policies and regulations. He provided a single point of accountability to deliver projects in accordance with the project commitments make decisions regarding the projects direction as well as establishing the resource assignments and ensuring that the project is properly managed and resourced appropriately.

As part of his role with Acuity, Tom is accountable for all phases of the project development and is responsible for leading a team of consultants in developing and delivering all aspects of the project for the client. Tom has experience in all facets of construction including, but not limited to, the development of business cases, design management, procurement strategies, value management, risk analysis along with the day-to-day management of the project programme and financials.

Toms major project experiences brings a wealth of practical & learned knowledge associated with the management of long-term project objectives whilst supporting the delivery teams to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.