Re-introducing Acuity

Hi, we’re Acuity!

You might already know who we are, but since we’ve gone through some changes recently, we thought it would be polite to re-introduce ourselves.

We’re a project management company with a difference.

We’re here to inspire a new standard of excellence across our industry, by consistently choosing courage over comfort.

We’re here to deliver project management experiences so remarkable that our clients forget what ordinary looks like. 

And we don’t do ordinary. 

When we realised some time ago that our brand wasn’t reflecting these truths about us, we knew that we needed to level up in order to let people know who we really are.

So we decided to rebrand. Refresh. Redo.

And here we are. 

Welcome to our new website, the new home of our online presence and the place we hope you’ll come to be inspired by industry best practice, motivated by though-leadership, and confident that when you work with us – ordinary most certainly ends here.