Quantium South Eveleigh

When Quantium, an Australian leader in the development of data-driven insights and ideas came to us with their plans to relocate to the Locomotive Workshops at Eveleigh, Sydney, we knew this project was going to be something special.

The selection of the Locomotive Workshops as Quantium’s future home was both deliberate and poignant. Quantium executed an Agreement for Lease with Mirvac to occupy approximately 13,200m2 and the collaboration between Quantium and the Workshops served to unite the 4th industrial revolution – cyber systems – with its ancestors of the 1st revolution, the steam engine.

The challenge

The task ahead was no small one. Our remit was to relocate an emerging and rapidly growing IT and analytics firm from the Sydney CBD to South Eveleigh, whilst building in one of the most iconic and complex heritage structures in NSW – all in the middle of a pandemic.

Some of the challenges that presented themselves included:

  • Tight project timeframes and maintaining progress of construction works during pandemic lockdowns
  • Working within a heritage site with significant constraints
  • A multi-layer approval process for authorities
  • Value engineering requirements to increase spend for the audio-visual package

Our solution

We immediately set up a project plan for success and importantly, like we do on every project, treated Quantium’s project as if it was our own, acting as an extension to their team. Through clear communication, diligent reporting and ensuring an expert design and consultant team were in place to enable the project vision, goals and objectives to be achieved, Acuity were able to deliver an outstanding new home for Quantium, on time and within budget.


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Locomotive Workshops, South Eveleigh


Project Manager


13,200 sqm


June 2021

Architect/Interior designer

Bates Smart



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