Bribie Island

Charter Hall engaged Acuity to deliver the upgrades to the amenities at their shopping centre at Bribie Island. The works included new male, female, PWD and parents’ room.

The design was to encompass the island and beach location yet deliver a sophisticated and robust outcome.

The challenge

This was the only amenities block in the shopping centre and there was no way of safely staging the works. The amenities extended into the existing centre managers office.

Our solution

To overcome these challenges, the works included temporary amenities located in the carpark directly outside a secondary entry for use by the patrons and staff. The builder was required to complete various works to ensure the temporary amenities were:

  • Constructed with safe and equitable access including ramps to the amenities
  • Construct a second roof over the amenities to reduce the heat load through the hot summer months they were in use
  • Temporary signage and communications in place for the customers

The extension of the facilities into the manager’s office required a new opening to be constructed through a concrete tilt panel wall and continuing operation of the centre managers office. The builder carried out much of the works on weekends and evenings and though communication and cooperation with the staff completed the works without hindering operations.


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