Charter Hall

Charter Hall acquired the Jessie Street Centre from Brookfield in 2019 as part of a wider portfolio strategy with the intent to overhaul the older style building, providing a bespoke and unique offering in the Parramatta market, targeted at the needs of government tenants.

The site’s scale competes with the new development at Parramatta Square, however is a uniquely “end of line” site with direct access to Parramatta Park with the intent to reposition the asset to achieve the highest and best use of the site.

The challenge

The project initially commenced in 2020 under alternate management but was not progressing to Charter Hall’s satisfaction.

Our solution

As a joint venture between Acuity and Solutions Consulting Australia, Charter Hall appointed the team due to their extensive experience to undertake a complete revitalisation & repositioning of the Jessie Street Centre.

The team has been responsible for successfully re-defining the clients brief, refining the overall requirements of the project, reassessing the overall project scope & budget as well as the design management, procurement finalisation and delivery of the project to ensure an outstanding result for the client.




Parramatta, NSW


Project Manager


7,500 sqm


September 2023

Architect/Interior designer




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